Roger Federer: 40 Question Quiz

40 questions about Roger Federer on his 40th birthday, ranging from easy to extremely difficult. Are you a true Federer fan? Let's see how you get on!

It’s Roger Federer’s 40th birthday!

Who cares?

You’d have a strong argument if you believed hyping up celebrity birthdays isn’t anything more than tabloid trash and, honestly, you’d probably be right.

Well, there are a couple of reasons why I’m acknowledging Federer’s birthday.

  1. The guy really is old now. There are only so many chances for me to write an article about the guy whilst he’s still playing.

  2. I wanted to make a lighter article.

So, I’ve made 40 Roger Federer questions on his 40th birthday in celebration, ranging in difficulty from easy to extremely difficult…1

All questions are multiple choice and the answers can be found at the bottom of the article. Tally up your score when you’re done and let me know how you did in the comments!


Questions 1-10: Rafael Nadal at the World Tour Finals 2011 (Easy)

Let’s ease in gently, nothing too mental…

  1. How many Grand Slam titles has Roger Federer won?

    A. 20. B. 17. C. 12. D. 40.

  2. Where was Federer born?

    A. Dortmund. B. Geneva. C. Basel. D. Krypton.

  3. In terms of match-win percentage, what is Federer’s best surface?

    A. Clay. B. Hard. C. Carpet. D. Grass.

  4. Who is Federer’s current head coach?

    A. Patrick Rafter. B. Michael Stich. C. Ivan Ljubicic. D. Peter Lundgren.

  5. What is Federer’s wife’s name?

    A. Martina. B. Mirka. C. Timea. D. Belinda.

  6. How many weeks has Federer spent at the #1 ranking?

    A. 333. B. 310. C. 286. D. 0.

  7. What company have been Federer’s on-court clothing sponsor since 2018?

    A. Nike. B. Uniqlo. C. Yonex. D. Fila.

  8. How many times has Federer won the French Open?

    A. Never. B. Once. C. Twice. D. Thrice.

  9. What is the head to head between Federer and Nadal?

    A. 14-11 Federer. B. 25-11 Nadal. C. 24-16 Nadal. D. 27-23 Federer.

  10. How tall is Federer?

    A. 5 ft 9 in. B. 5 ft 11 in. C. 6 ft 1 in. D. 6 ft 3 in.

Questions 11-20: Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon 2019 (Medium)

That was smooth sailing for most of you I’d imagine… Let’s turn up the heat a little!

  1. In which year did Federer win his first Grand Slam title?

    A. 2001. B. 2002. C. 2003. D. 2004.

  2. Who beat Federer at Wimbledon this year?

    A. Hubert Hurkacz. B. Novak Djokovic. C. Stefanos Tsitsipas. D. Denis Shapovalov.

  3. Which two Masters 1000 tournaments has Federer never won?

    A. Shanghai and Paris. B. Paris and Rome. C. Madrid and Monte Carlo. D. Monte Carlo and Rome.

  4. Who did Federer partner to win the Olympic doubles gold medal in 2008?

    A. Marc Rosset. B. Stan Wawrinka. C. George Bastl. D. Henri Laaksonen.

  5. At which two tournaments has Federer won 10 titles?

    A. Wimbledon and Dubai. B. Halle and Wimbledon. C. Basel and Dubai. D. Halle and Basel.

  6. To the closest $10 million, how much prize money has Federer won in his career?

    A. $30 million. B. $90 million. C. $130 million. D. $190 million.

  7. How recently was Federer last ranked #1 in the world?

    A. May 2010. B. November 2012. C. March 2017. D. June 2018.

  8. How many times has Federer retired mid-match?

    A. Never. B. Once. C. Twice. D. Nine times.

  9. Federer’s most impressive streak is potentially his 65 consecutive match wins on grass. Who ruined his streak?

    A. Rafa. B. Novak Djokovic. C. Andy Murray. D. Tommy Haas.

  10. An injury to what part of Federer’s body forced him out of this year’s Olympics, Toronto and Cincinatti?

    A. Elbow. B. Back. C. Knee. D. Wrist.

Questions 21-30: Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open 2017 (Hard)

Starting to sweat (unlike Federer)? Okay, here’s where the quiz really begins!

  1. Where did Federer win his first title?

    A. Halle. B. Milan. C. Vienna. D. Basel.

  2. Who did Federer defeat in his 1000th tour level victory?

    A. David Ferrer. B. Feliciano Lopez. C. Grigor Dimitrov. D. Milos Raonic.

  3. Out of active players only, where does Federer rank for most career aces?

    A. 2nd. B. 3rd. C. 4th. D. 9th.

  4. Which of these names does not belong to one of Federer’s children?

    A. Lenny. B. Charlene. C. Henry. D. Myla.

  5. Which of these players has not defeated Federer from two sets to love down (winning a best of five set match after losing the first two sets, LLWWW)?

    A. Jo Wilfried Tsonga. B. Novak Djokovic. C. David Nalbandian. D. Juan Martin Del Potro.

  6. Which of these players has Federer not defeated from two sets to love down?

    A. Stan Wawrinka. B. Rafa. C. Gael Monfils. D. Marin Cilic.

  7. Which active player does Federer have the lowest win percentage against (must have played at least three times)?

    A. Novak Djokovic. B. Rafa. C. Alexander Zverev. D. Dominic Thiem.

  8. Statistically, when was Federer’s career-best season?

    A. 2005. B. 2006. C. 2007. D. 2009.

  9. Complete this quote from Stan Wawrinka at the Indian Wells final in 2017.

    “I would like to congratulate Roger, he’s laughing, he’s _______”

    A. Unplayable sometimes. B. My good friend. C. Annoying. D. An asshole.

  10. At which tournament has Federer beaten Djokovic and Nadal back-to-back?

    A. US Open 2007. B. Madrid Masters 2009. C. World Tour Finals 2010. D. Indian Wells 2012.

Questions 31-40: Rafael Nadal at the French Open 2008 (Extreme)

Thought that last round was hard? Only true Fed-disciples from here on out!

  1. Who did Federer defeat to earn his first ATP Tour-level victory?

    A. Guillaume Raoux. B. Ramon Delgado. C. Arnaud Clement. D. Santiago Ventura.

  2. From the GIF below, can you name that match?

    A. Australian Open Final 2009. B. US Open Final 2015. C. Australian Open Final 2018. D. Wimbledon Final 2019.

  3. How many times has Federer been bagelled?

    A. Once. B. Thrice. C. Five times. D. Seven times.

  4. At which edition of the US Open was the below shot forged?

    A. 2007. B. 2008. C. 2009. D. 2014.

  5. What percentage of Federer’s career total points played has he won?

    A. 50.5%. B. 51.4%. C. 54.1%. D. 58.5%.

  6. From the GIF below, can you name the venue?

    A. Paris. B. Basel. C. Miami. D. Shanghai.

  7. From the below GIF, who was Federer playing in this match?

    A. Nick Kyrgios. B. Novak Djokovic. C. Andy Murray. D. Guillermo Cañas.

  8. Who has saved the most points against Federer and gone on to win the match?

    A. Evgeny Donskoy. B. Juan Martin Del Potro. C. Albert Costa. D. Gael Monfils.

  9. At which tournament does Federer have the best win-percentage (must have played at least three times i.e. not a one-off tournament)?

    A. Wimbledon. B. Basel. C. Dubai. D. Halle.

  10. From the below GIF, how does the point end?

    A. Federer dives for Querrey’s volley, manages to get up and threads Querrey’s following drop shot down the line.

    B. Federer tweener lobs Querrey, forcing a forehand error from Querrey.

    C. Federer hits a no-look-cross-court-squash-shot-forehand-pass.

    D. Federer fakes a forehand down the line but instead drop shots Querrey who was already moving to cover it. As a result, Querrey retires stating to the press afterwards: “That genius completely bamboozled me, it was simply too good for me to continue playing”.

The Answers


  1. A. 20. If you didn’t get this one, I don’t think you’re going to do very well…

  2. C. Basel. He’s only mentioned he was a ball kid in Basel like 1000 times.

  3. D. Grass. Clay 76.1%, Hard 83.3%, Carpet 72.5%, Grass 86.9%.

  4. C. Ivan Ljubicic. Ljubicic joined the team at the end of 2015, replacing Stefan Edberg as Federer’s head coach.

  5. B: Mirka. Mirka was a professional tennis player and actually played with Roger in the Hopman Cup before they got married.

  6. B. 310. Federer used to hold the record but Djokovic overtook him, leading at 333 weeks. Federer still holds the record for the most consecutive weeks at 237.

  7. B. Uniqlo. Federer signed to Uniqlo for a cool $300 million.

  8. B. Once. After Rafa was famously beaten in the fourth round by Robin Soderling in 2009, Roger won his only RG title. He was clearly defending Rafa’s honour #fedalbromance.

  9. C. 24-16 Nadal. Though Rafa has dominated their rivalry, Federer has had the upper hand more recently, winning on hard and grass courts.

  10. C. 6 ft 1 in. Federer is the same height as Nadal!


  1. C. 2003. Federer defeated Mark Philippoussis in straight sets at Wimbledon in his first Grand Slam Final.

  2. A. Hubert Hurkacz. Hurkacz defeated Federer in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, handing Federer his first bagel set since the 2008 French Open final (to Nadal).

  3. D. Monte Carlo and Rome. If you didn’t know but guessed they were both clay, you’d be right. Federer has reached the final of both tournament four times, losing to Felix Mantilla and Novak Djokovic in Rome and Stan Wawrinka in Monte Carlo - the other five times were Rafa obvs.

  4. B. Stan Wawrinka. Had to be Stan, right? The Swiss pair defeated the Bryan brothers in the semifinal and the Swedes, Simon Aspelin and Thomas Johannsson, in the final.

  5. D. Halle and Basel. Wimbledon and Dubai are Federer’s second most at eight titles apiece.

  6. C. $130 million. Djokovic is the only man to have surpassed this record at $150 million.

  7. D. June 2018. With wins at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, Shanghai and Basel, Federer just scraped enough points to claim the #1 ranking for eight weeks in 2018.

  8. A. Never. Not once in 1526 matches has Federer retired mid-match. Of all the insane Federer stats, this might top the list.

  9. A. Rafa. In probably their most famous match, Rafa defeated Federer in the 2008 Wimbledon final, ending the streak and pretty much securing the #1 ranking in the process.

  10. C. Knee. After several surgeries, Federer’s knee is still causing him setbacks and could be the catalyst behind his eventual retirement.


  1. B. Milan. Federer won the ATP 250-level tournament in 2001 beating Julien Boutter in three tight sets. The surface was indoor carpet.

  2. D. Milos Raonic. Federer reached the milestone by defeating Raonic at the Brisbane International in 2015, posing with the trophy and a big number 1000.

  3. B. 3rd. Federer really is one of the best spot servers of all time with only Ivo Karlovic and John Isner above him. His count currently stands at 11,478 career aces (about eight a match).

  4. C. Henry. The only name missing is Leo. Federer has had two sets of identical twins - two boys, Lenny and Leo, and two girls, Myla and Charlene.

  5. D. Juan Martin Del Potro. Tsonga at the quarterfinals of Wimbledon in 2011, Djokovic at the semifinals of the US Open 2011 and David Nalbandian at the final of the Tennis Masters Cup in 2005.

  6. A. Stan Wawrinka. Rafa at the Miami Masters final in 2005, Monfils at the quarterfinals of the US Open 2014 and Cilic at the quarterfinals of Wimbledon 2016.

  7. D. Dominic Thiem. Federer has losing records against all four players. Djokovic 23-27 (46.0%), Rafa 16-24 (40.0%), Alexander Zverev 3-4 (42.9%) and Dominic Thiem 2-5 (28.6%).

  8. B. 2006. Federer won 12 titles that year, reached all four Slam finals, winning three of them, won four Masters titles and captured the Year-End Championship. 2005 was a close second, however, he failed to win the Australian Open that year.

  9. D. An asshole. After losing in straight sets, leaving him 0-15 against Federer on hard courts, Stan the Man delivered this classic line in his runner-up speech.

  10. C. World Tour Finals 2010. Federer was on fire, also beating Ferrer, Soderling and Murray in the same week. He beat Djokovic 6-1 6-4 in the semis and Nadal 6-3 3-6 6-1 in the final.


  1. A. Guillaume Raoux. Federer defeated Raoux in Toulouse in 1998, 6-2 6-2. The other three answers were the first opponents of the rest of the Big Four (Djokovic bt Arnaud Clement, Rafa bt Ramon Delgado, Andy Murray bt Santiago Ventura).

  2. C. Australian Open Final 2018. Tears of joy after winning the Australian Open for a sixth time. Federer cried after losing the 2009 AO final, cried in the locker room after losing the 2019 Wimbledon final and (probably) cried at some point after losing the 2011 US Open semifinal.

  3. C. Five times. Hubert Hurkacz at Wimbledon 2019, Rafa at Roland Garros 2008, Byron Black at Queens 1999, Pat Rafter at RG 1999 and Vincent Spadea at Monte Carlo 1999.

  4. C. 2009. Federer beat Djokovic at the US Open for a third consecutive year at the US Open, topping it off with this beauty. He would go on to lose to Delpo in the final.

  5. C. 54.1%. It doesn’t sound like loads but it’s a helluva lot. That percentage of points won has earned Federer an 81.9% match-win percentage.

  6. D. Shanghai. Federer saved five match points in a thriller against Leonardo Mayer at the Shanghai Masters in 2014, reducing Mayer to tears. Federer would go on to win the tournament, beating Gilles Simon in the final.

  7. B. Novak Djokovic. A rare racket smash from Roger. This was at 0-2 down in the deciding set of the 2009 Miami Masters semifinal. Djokovic eventually won in three sets.

  8. D. Gael Monfils. Monfils saved five match points against Federer in the Paris Masters semifinals. The other players mentioned have all won matches against Federer having saved three match points.

  9. C. Dubai. This one is very close. Wimbledon 88.2%, Basel 89.3%, Dubai 89.8%, Halle 89.6%. Federer has played their 14 times, winning eight titles and reaching the final on two other occasions.

  10. B. Federer tweener lobs Querrey forcing a forehand error from Querrey. You so wanted it to be the last option though, right?


Well, that was some quiz.

Was I too harsh on the final stretch? I’d love to know how y’all get on, please comment below with your score!

Though this week’s article was a bit of a cop out, it was good fun to make and I hope you enjoyed it too.

On a serious note, Federer is an incredibly entertaining player to watch and making a quiz about him for his birthday felt like a nice tribute.

Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed him and he keeps playing until he’s 50…

Until next time OTL readers x

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